Ed “Cannonball” Baker was the original take-no-prisoners, I Am Faster Than You, all American Badass. In 1914 he crossed the country in 11 days, 11 hours, 11 minutes on an Indian motorcycle. And this was 1914!!!!! There were still Cowboys and Indians killing each other out West!!! ‪#‎yippiekiyay‬

He was riding on railroad tracks, goat paths and open desert. Oh yeah, he had 4 miles of paved roads too. Where did he buy gas???? How many chickens and cows did he scatter while blasting through the countryside on his noisy Iron Horse? ‪#‎runcowrun‬

Fast Eddie did it a bunch of times in all kinds of vehicles, always setting new records. Got his first speeding ticket in 1916, probably in Ohio, where rumor has it they still have the death penalty for speeding. The bane of Hot Rodders and Speed Demons had arrived: motorized police patrols. ‪#‎pleasedontpullmeover‬

Him and ‪#‎abjenkins‬ contended with each other for a while but Baker finally broke the record that lasted. ‪#‎youaintbeatingme‬
It was set in 1933, when he was 51 years old. Ol’ Cannon Ball Baker hopped in a supercharged (That’s right. He had boost.) Graham-Paige Model 57 and tore out across the country in just 53 hours and 30 minutes, taking just one 30-minute nap the entire journey. ‪#‎homiedontneednosleep‬

That Transcontinental Run record stood for 38 years until 1971 when he was beat by Brock Yates. And Fast Eddie held the solo record until 1981 when he was finally toppled from that vaunted perch by another speed demon, Steve “Yogi” Behr.