November 15 1971

Now that the impossible had been done, people wanted to join the fun. Brock Yates decided to run another! And this time, he had some competition. There were as many vans entered as cars, all of them prepped for long distance running, one with a 190 gallon fuel tank!
( they were dubbed The Little Rock Tankers and got busted speeding near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and threatened with an additional charge of smuggling gasoline. ) Good thing gas was only .36 cents a gallon back then, the PRDA team had 298 gallons on board.
Brock recruited professional race car driver Dan Gurney to pilot the Ferrari Daytona he borrowed from a friend. But that did not help them leaving the Red Ball garage: they caught seven red lights in a row in Manhattan
At the time, Gurney was probably the most formidable driver on the planet having been the first guy to have won races in Sports Cars (1958), Formula One (1962), NASCAR (1963), and Indy Car (1967)
Would that be a quadfecta?
In 1967, after winning the 24 hours of Le Mans together with A.J. Foyt, he spontaneously sprayed champagne while celebrating on the podium. Apart from starting this tradition, he also was the first driver to use a full face helmet in a Grand Prix race.

Of the 8 entries, (3 vans, 1 motorhome, a MGB, an AMX, a Cadillac and the Ferrari) the only real competitor he and Brock had in the go-fast department was an AMX driven by a couple of brothers from Oakland. It had 90,000 miles on the odometer and they had just driven in from the Portofino in a reverse of the route in a recon mission.
And maybe the Cadillac Sedan DeVille.
But as it turned out, even though the Ferrari hit speeds of 172 MPH, they weren’t very far ahead of the Polish Racing Team because the Chevy Van (36:47 at 77.2 MPH) they were driving only had to stop once, vs. the Ferrari’s 9 fuel stops plus the speeding ticket Dan got for blasting past a Local Yokel.
In the end, the last few hundred miles became a duel but they crossed the finish line with time to spare. Overall average for the Prancing Pony was 80.8 MPH, 12.2 MPG and a new Transcontinental Record of 35:54.

2nd Place: The PRDA Team  Chevy Van       36:47

3rd Place: Cadillac Sedan DeVille                  37:16

4th Place: Little Rock Tankers Dodge Van   37:45

5th Place: AMX                                                 37:48

6th Place: Moon Trash II Dodge Van             39:03

7th Place:  1966 Travco Motor Home           57:25

DNF: 1970 MGB/GT


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