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Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo has been riding motorcycles since the ripe old age of 3. In 2010, in the name of adventure he decided to challenge himself on a coast to coast journey, Long Beach, New York to Long Beach, California. The catch was he set out to do so with no bells and whistles. He budgeted himself to purchase a bike for $200 and planned to camp out next to his bike each night. He set out with a video camera and an ancient relic called a map, made of paper. I know, how primitive right?

Jamie Robinson

Jamie Robinson

Connie, as she was lovingly nicknamed, a 1989 EX500 Kawasaki was no stranger to Transcontinental trips, this would mark her 6th. But let’s be honest these were no longer her glory days. As Jamie already spent his entire bike budget, there was nothing left for repairs so they set off on 10 year old tires with a nail in the rear… No joke. Amazingly both tires made the 12 day and 3,986 mile journey… with a little help from slime and a patch.

For more on Jamie’s transcontinental adventure check out MotoGeo where you can watch his video and read his daily journal entries from the trip.





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