I wake up nearly every morning the same way.  Before my eyes are fully opened, I reach for my phone.  With running my own business this has become normal practice.  You’re always concerned if a client may have had an issue with their home; during the course of the night.   I wake up usually with the a message or two that will require me to put my boots on and rush out the door. Perhaps to light a hot water heater or turn off a water main.

This morning I was delighted to see everyone got through the night without incident.  My second order of business is to scan the news before Deena and the dogs wake up.  Browsing thru my Google news alerts, FaceBook and some days Twitter.

This morning a friend of mine Victor posted a gem on his FaceBook.  An article written by Larry Printz of The Virginia-Pilot newspaper. I honostly thought I’ve hear or have read all the stories…..how wrong I was.  Larry article takes transported me back in time.  Preserving history, his piece is one that I enjoyed thoroughly.  It’s a detailed glimpse of what it was like to participate in the Cannonball Event held by Brock Yates in the 70’s.

I was also shocked to see two more photos of the cannonball participants that I haven’t see before.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.   Read the full story here

Left: Terry Baker and Chris Romine in his Ferrari 308 GTS Photo courtesy of Andrea Atwell

Left: Terry Baker and Chris Romine in his Ferrari 308 GTS


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Chick Stanton and Jim Atwell   Photo courtesy of Andrea Atwell

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