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Car Stories Podcast and remarks from EV & Motorcycle Record Holder Carl Reese

When Carl Reese set out to claim his place in automotive history, he did not choose the normal breed of German super sedan or coupe that Alex Roy and Ed Bolian had opted for. He bought a Tesla. In addition… Continue Reading →

The 8 cars to hold the NY to LA record since 1971

When Brock Yates set out in his Moon Trash van in 1971 to see what was possible on a non-stop NY to LA run, he started a movement. This year, there have been at least 21 drives and 11 new… Continue Reading →

NY to LA in a $1,500 car?

Jalopnik contributor, Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez about the build of the Mercedes S55 AMG that Ed Bolian and team used in The 2904 to set the fastest NY to LA time ever in a competitive event. Read the story here. 

Ed Bolian discusses the 11 new cross country records set in 2015

Check out Ed Bolian’s latest blog post where he discusses the 11 different cross country records that have been set so far in 2015. It is amazing what everyone is doing to express their love of the Cannonball idea!  

An amazing write up on The 2904 by NY2LA Solo Record Holder – David Simpson

Here is an amazing write up from David Simpson about our experiences on the 2015 running of The 2904. He drove a Lexus SC400 and set a new solo NY to LA record of 34 hours 33 minutes.  “Let’s have… Continue Reading →

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