Dave Simpson

The Cannonball Cockpits

The Cannonball Cockpits Before there were “Cannonball Cockpits” there was James Bond and his Bond Cars with their nifty spy gear and of course the Batmobiles which could outrun anyone, do just about anything and there was always a cool… Continue Reading →

The Third Cannonball Run

November 13 1972 Monday Nixon was in the White house again after a huge landslide victory, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed over 1,000 that week for the first time and Pepsi started selling it’s fizzy beverage to the Soviet… Continue Reading →

The Second Cannonball Run

November 15 1971 Now that the impossible had been done, people wanted to join the fun. Brock Yates decided to run another! And this time, he had some competition. There were as many vans entered as cars, all of them… Continue Reading →

The First Cannonball Run

May 3, 1971 Brock Yates, Car and Driver editor, amateur race car driver and all around gearhead, is the man who started the modern day cross country race known as the Cannonball Run. He decided what the world needed was… Continue Reading →

Bad Betty Skelton

Bad Betty Skelton was known as The First Lady of Firsts. She was flying around in airplanes by her self when she was 12. ‪#‎UpYoursJohnnyLaw‬ She would do a trick called The Inverted Ribbon Cut at air shows. Now doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Ol’ Cannonball Baker Himself

Ed “Cannonball” Baker was the original take-no-prisoners, I Am Faster Than You, all American Badass. In 1914 he crossed the country in 11 days, 11 hours, 11 minutes on an Indian motorcycle. And this was 1914!!!!! There were still Cowboys… Continue Reading →

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