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The Cannonball Cockpits

The Cannonball Cockpits Before there were “Cannonball Cockpits” there was James Bond and his Bond Cars with their nifty spy gear and of course the Batmobiles which could outrun anyone, do just about anything and there was always a cool… Continue Reading →

Coast to Coast on a $200 Motorcycle

Carl Reese TDA Contributor Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo has been riding motorcycles since the ripe old age of 3. In 2010, in the name of adventure he decided to challenge himself on a coast to coast journey, Long Beach, New… Continue Reading →

World Record Segway trip from Seattle to Boston

Carl Reese TDA Contributor   Have you given any thought  of completing one of the many TDA Coast to Coast challenges?   Perhaps you’ve  already completed a coast to coast with all the amenities of a car. You know….with a nice cushy seat…. Continue Reading →

Gyroplane Los Angeles to New York Record

Carl Reese TDA Contributor  In October of 2015 John Craparo and Dayton Dabbs of Texas have claimed four new speed records for speed, over a recognized course in a gyroplane weighing less than 1,102 pounds.   The trip started in Dallas… Continue Reading →

Bumper Stickers are here !!!

Made in U.S.A.  TDA Stickers Help support the TDA website.  Send us your photos of your TDA sticker placement and we’ll post them here! Order TDA’s first product sure to be a collectors item.   We have big plans for TDA… Continue Reading →

Ed Bolian discusses the 11 new cross country records set in 2015

Check out Ed Bolian’s latest blog post where he discusses the 11 different cross country records that have been set so far in 2015. It is amazing what everyone is doing to express their love of the Cannonball idea!  

89 Year Old Woman drives solo 3225 miles

Carl Reese TDA contributor   Meet Racheal Veitch a 93 years old,  isn’t your typical senior.   She likes to long road trips, guns, and driving 120 MPH.  She is the original owner of this 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente that she affectionately calls “Chariot”.  Her… Continue Reading →

170 Ton Transcontinental Record of 1905

Carl Reese TDA contributor   I’ve long said “Transcontinental records are stitched into the fabric of America”.  Americans strive to prove we can do it better, faster, safer than anyone else. Well folks, lets not forget about those that set a… Continue Reading →

Driving Events & Organizations

The following is a list of various organizations and events that involve some form of cross-country driving. If you know of any, please let us know so we can update this list. Automobiles The 2904 – Within a budget of… Continue Reading →

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