This is THE big one – 7000 miles (+/- 200) requiring exceptional navigation skills and fueling strategies. There’s even a few old Guinness World Records established for this – to see the crazy fools who did this, check out the blog of their last attempt –

The rules (adapted from – )…

1. The vehicle must visit every one of the 48 states of the United States of America (every state but Alaska and Hawaii).

2. The start and finish must be authenticated by an independent witness and the time, place and odometer reading confirmed.

3. The trip will be monitored by TDA via provided GPS telematic device (security deposit for device required).

4. A consumer GPS unit must be attached to the front window. Photographs of each state boundary must be recorded with the GPS displaying trip statistics – time & miles.

5. Along with the photographs, the odometer reading and time will be recorded on paper at each state boundary crossing.

6. At various times along the route, a member of TDA will SMS team with a request for an proof-of-location photograph.


Due to the challenging logistics for witnesses, there will be additional certification fees. When you have determined your start and end locations, please contact us to discuss at

Automobile Gas 2-Driver: 120 hours
Automobile Gas Solo: 168 hours
Automobile Electric: 168 hours
Motorcycle: 168 hours

If you wish to challenge the record, you will need to comply with the additional rules….

1. The crew must consist of two drivers and a navigator. The navigator is not allowed to drive. All three must stay with the vehicle throughout the attempt. No substitutes will be allowed en route.

2. Team must sign and date a log showing that the attempt has been the subject of unremitting
surveillance. This should be filled in by the driver and signed by independent witnesses.

3. A signed statement of authenticity by two independent persons of outstanding status in the community must be provided.

5. News of the attempt must appear in a mainstream (local or national) news medium prior to the drive.

6. A copy of each team-member’s driving record will be obtained by TDA and must not reflect any moving violations.